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                    Wire harness processing flow

                    View:492 Adddate:2021-6-2

                    Wire harness plays a bridge role in the electronic and electrical and general mechanical equipment industry. It is mainly used to connect various electrical equipment in the circuit. It is composed of wiring terminal, insulation wrapping material, insulation sheath and wire.

                    Wiring harness can be seen everywhere in our life. For example, there will be wiring harness from wiring harness factory in the computer host. Whether all kinds of electronic and electrical equipment can be stably connected and all interfaces can be accurate depends on whether each step of the wiring harness processing process can be strictly controlled and error free.

                    matters needing attention:

                    (1) When doing this work, we should pay special attention not to cut the surface of the wire or cut the copper wire. The length error of peeling should not exceed 1 mm.

                    (2) In addition, it is the stripping of the wire. According to the requirements of the standard, the insulation skin of the wire corresponding to the length of the joint is stripped. The error should not exceed 1 mm.

                    (3) In addition, it is necessary to twist the wire. When finishing and twisting the wire at the joint, the surface of the wire should not be scratched. The copper wire must be tightened, and no loose wire is allowed.

                    (4) Finally, connect the terminal, connect the conductor at the joint with the plug terminal, and pay attention to the width and height requirements.

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